Axe-Change Pole Arm System

"Axe-Change" Pole Arm System

Buy one handle and multiple heads. One for every occasion!

We are currently redesigning our Axe Handles to expedite our manufacturing and update the design. Due to this fact we will not be accepting orders for Axe Handles at this time. All of the Axe Heads are still available for purchase.

If you are interested in being notified when Axe Handles are again available, please sign up for our newsletters through the link on our contact page.

Start with the handle

A sturdy handle machined from 5/8" x 1" aluminum, 17" long. Drilled and slotted to receive a head at each end. The handle is then cord wrapped along 6" of one end (your choice of color) in Straight or Spiral wrap, using the same knotting as on our training knives.

Spiral Wrap

Straight Wrap (as on our training knives

Next, pick a head

There are seven to choose from now, and many more in the works, you can even put something on each end.

Heads available now are:
- Tomahawk
- Double Axe
- Spike Hawk
- Kama
- Trident Spear
- Small Spear
- Large Spear

Collect Them All!
Begin with your Starter Set,one handle and any one head, and save up to $5.00. Then purchase additional heads as you need them, for $12.00 to $18.00 each.


Upgrades Coming


We are currently attempting to upgrade and optimize some of our processes. Our goal is to reduce lead time to the point that we can deliver orders within a week or less. But please bear with us as we get these upgrades in place.





When we have dates for the next show we will be at, this is where they will appear.


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When we have dates for the next show we will be at, this is where they will appear.

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