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We carry a few different products to meet the needs of Martial Artists 



Our training blades are made of stout 1/4 inch thick aircraft aluminum with a lightly polished finish. All points and edges are rounded to avoid unnecessary nicks. Handles have our unique style cord wrap for a non-slip grip and come in thirteen popular colors.

These training knives have been extremely popular with tactical professionals since their introduction in 1999 and are now used and sold in many Dojos across the US and Internationally. As the years have passed, our training knives have been noticed and preferred by many agencies, including FBI, DEA and US Secret Service, not to mention many city police and sheriff's departments. Keen Edge trainers are also being used in many theater and movie productions as realistic, but safe, prop knives.



You probably do not walk arount in everyday life with a real knife carried open in your hand, instead you use a sheath to transport your knife. To train realisticly it is best to start your training with your blade sheathed. Because of this we sell Kydex sheaths for many of our training knives. More realistic carry means more realistic training. 



Buy one handle and multiple heads... one for every occasion! Simply change the head and you are ready to train with a different type weapon. 



Our live blades are made out of 1095 tool steal. They feature a durable coating common on many tactical firearms. Just like our training knives, the live blades feature a cordwraped handle. A Kydex sheath comes standard with our live blades. 


We will send out updates as we increase stock of our live blades.  Check in regularly to see what items are available to order!

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