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ABOUT Keen Edge Knives

Welcome to Keen Edge knives. 
We are Steve & Jamie Rollert, working to provide training knives for Law Enforcement, Military and Martial Arts communities. 

We are a small “Mom & Pop” enterprise, working out of our home and shop in Keenesburg, Colorado. We work as a team with one goal in mind… to produce the highest quality aluminum trainers with the most realistic designs and provide them at the most affordable prices. 

We have now grown enough to hire a few employees. When you call, you will probably meet our daughter Anna, who runs the office and keeps us all moving. Jesse is the talented young man who polishes and wraps the Trainers. Our son David has also taken a more active role in the company by managing some of our online presence. It is rewarding to see our hard work benifitting, not only our customers, but some local folks also.





Keen Edge Trainers have become increasingly popular across the arts and around the world. Practitioners of many styles have found our trainers to be just what they have been looking for.

Grandmaster John Pellegrini


Has declared our model P3-Tactical Folder to be the official training knife for the International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF). 

Continued Design Development


We are working to introduce more new designs as often as possible. Steve has always been our main designer, and now he has become our CNC programmer, cranking out new designs faster than we can get them photographed. There are some exciting designs in the works, we hope you'll check this site regularly to see what new trainers have been added. 

If you have sugesstions for designs that you would like to see us produce, please drop us an email. We will send you some information on how we like to go about working with customers on new designs. 


Our goal since our inception has been to provide the highest quality training blades possible. Because of this our products have changed a lot over the years and are continuing to evolve as we strive to better serve our customers. 


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The Leading Edge in Training Knives for Police, Military & Martial Arts

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