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Thank you for your interest in our product


We welcome your inquiries - feel free to visit our Contact page and let us know if we can help you.  Normally, Jamie (or Mom) would respond to your email, but her diagnosis of stage four cancer and the subsequent treatments have taken their toll on our beloved Mother. To help out, her children (Anna and David) have stepped up and take a more active role in the day to day operation of the business. 


Since we do our best to respond within 48 hours to every email (but we do our best to take Sundays for personal days) and you may just have a quick question, please take a look below to see if your answer is available here!


What is the status of my order?

Shoot us an email with your name and order number and expect an email from David in 48 hours or by Monday if it’s the weekend – we’ll let you know right where it’s at!  As stand-in office manager, David checks customer inquiries for us around 6AM EST (before tackling his full-time job in New Hampshire) and has to wait until the shop is open during office hours (CST) to locate your order and respond to your status inquiry. 


Why the lead time?

We do our best to take good care of our customers, as part of this we put on our website (in two locations) that we normally have at least a ten day wait time before orders ship sometimes longer (we are sitting at the "Sometimes Longer" side of things right now). You can find the information on the Legal Info page of our website as well as on the front page of our Online Store. We manufacture our blades in house. Meaning that we get aluminum bar stock, put it into our CNC milling center, and machine the blades ourselves. We also wrap the handles and make the sheaths in our shop. We do not order anything pre-made – you’re getting the good stuff!



















Do you make custom blades designed by customers?

We can and do make custom blades. There is a long wait for custom blades at the moment because we have a large number of people who have requested custom blades. But our policies on custom work are as follows:

 1) If you want to be the sole recipient or seller of your design, meaning that we do not sell your design on our website. Then we charge you for our programming time and prototyping time. Then you pay a negotiated wholesale price for your training knives.

2) If you do allow us to sell the design on our website. Then we will program and prototype the design for free.


How do I purchase product at wholesale prices?

 Click here to see our policy and discount schedule!




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