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Lead Time 



Please note that the shipping time listed, i.e. 3-5 days for Priority, is the time IN TRANSIT-- once a package LEAVES our office.

We manufacture these training knives in our shop and tie the cord handles for each order,by hand, so expect that your order will NOT be shipped for AT LEAST TEN (10) DAYS after we receive it, sometimes longer. Larger orders will take longer, depending on our work load.

International orders often take 2-3 WEEKS IN TRANSIT. Please allow at least one month, even for express shipping. 
We can do rush orders... you should call us... When possible. It is also VERY important to let us know the date of the event your are buying these for; we will do all we can to get it to you in time.
Thank you for your consideration. -- JR

Leagal Information 


Warranties and Other Stuff

Read the information below and be sure you agree before you finalize your purchase. 
(The sale will not go through unless you click and make a check mark appear in the designated check box on the Check Out screen)

By placing an order and placing a check mark on the designated form, the buyer represents that: He or she is of legal age to purchase and use the products purchased. He or she understands that Keen Edge Knives, LLC sells both Live and Training knives. And that the term "Live" means that the knife is made of steel and is sharp and will cut many substances. And that, though the "training" knives are not sharp, if used with enough force they will bruise or break the skin. The buyer promises to use the products with care and intelligence. 

You have purchased an extremely sharp cutting tool. We assume you are experienced enough to use this tool without harming yourself or others. Keen Edge Knives, LLC, it members and employees and family members CANNOT be held responsible, in any way, for ANY accidental or intentional bodily harm that may happen during ANY use if its products. Please use extreme caution and act responsibly with ALL sharp tools.

Local Laws

Because of the diverse laws around the county and world concerning edged weapons, we assume that you the buyer know and follow all local and federal laws for your location. We also want to stress that our training knives look like real knives, and if brandished in an inappropriate setting might be confused for a deadly weapon. The buyer must use common sense concerning where you choose to carry/train/brandish these training knives. Keen Edge Knives is not responsible for the misuse of our products which results in injuries, arrest, insult, death, or any other ramification of using our products incorrectly. 


Live Knives
All our Live Blades are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. If you are using your knife correctly... for cutting, NOT chopping or prying... it should last a life time and should stay sharp for a reasonable time. If it should chip or crack under normal use, we will repair or replace it... please let us know if it fails. 

Training Knives
Our training knives also carry the materials and workmanship warranty. However, the nature of aluminum is that it is a soft metal and scratches easily. We are unable to remove some blemishes that are in the material from the supplier. While we try to avoid using the worst pieces, sometimes you will see a scratch in the flat surface of a trainer. While these blemishes are noticeable when the trainer is new, they do not detract, in any way, from the efficient use in training applications and will blend in with all the new scratches that occur during use. 
See our cord replacement policy below.
Our training knives were designed to look enough like a real knife to provide an accurate training experience. They have also been designed with safety in mind. Though these safety features are in place, please continue to observe all safe training practices. Please read and agree to the disclaimer statement below.

Dents & scratches
Be aware that aluminum, the metal with which our training knives are made, is a relatively soft metal and will scratch and dent when struck with another hard object. Occasionally when this happens, a sharp "burr" may raise up. You may want to inspect your training knives regularly and file or sand away any burrs that appear. 

Cord Handle
The cord handle will get dirty in time... We will re-wrap your knife for free... You pay the shipping to us... we'll cover the return postage. 

The sheath is also guaranteed for Materials and workmanship. Please let us know as soon as possible if you notice a defect. Every sheath will be tight at first, use extreme caution when drawing your knife. Do realize, however, that all these products have a substantial amount of hand work involved. Because of this there will be differences in each piece... this only means that you have a unique item with its own individual characteristics. 

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