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Knife Making / Bladesmithing Lessons

Interested in learning how to make a knife by forging or stock removal, contact us for details.

Steve Rollert teaches knifemaking at the the following schools.

Forge with Intention, Berthoud, Colorado

Steve Rollert teaches knife making classes in Berthoud, Colorado the third weekend of each month.

Classes run from one to three days, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for the weekend.

To sign up for a class go to the Forge with Intention website to book a class.

The Heritage School at Trinidad State College, Trinidad, Colorado

Steve Rollert teaches Basic Bladesmithing, Damascus Billet Making, and Knife Making - Basic Stock Removal

classes at The Heritage School at Trinidad State College in Trinidad, Colorado as part of their summer  program.

To enroll in their summer program visit their website



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